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"You sometimes get bored of Rome by the second month of your stay, but never by the sixth, and if you stay until the twelfth, you are taken by the idea of settling down there" Stendhal 

How not to fall in love with Rome? Every corner of the capital tells something of itself, of its history and of the romantic atmosphere that it breathes.

Imagine finding yourself in front of one of the most beautiful monuments ever, celebrated by the cinema and loved by visitors from all over the world: we are talking about the "Trevi" Fountain, the perfect place to let you dream by throwing a coin into the water.

Imagine going back in time and reliving the glamorous atmosphere of La Dolce Vita. Continue your trip to the discovery of the cult cult of Rome and let you admire the grandeur of the Colosseum, the place that par excellence represents the culture of the Roman Empire, its splendor, but also the taste for eccentric and sometimes bloody shows.

Follow the scenic staircase of "Trinità dei Monti", the theater of the most important international artistic events. It is here that music, fashion and 360 degree art become the protagonists to enchant visitors in a magical scenery.

Take a walk to the "Fori Imperiali" and fall in love with the majestic architecture that has made the city great. You will walk in the places that once were the pulsating heart of the capital of the Empire and look with your eyes the signs of that glorious past will be like peeking into the everydayness of a legendary civilization.

Let it bend over the slow flow of the Tevere waters and explore the "Tiberina" island, whose history blends with the myth. The surrounding nature will give you a feeling of peace out of the ordinary, as if the weather slowed down to make you fully enjoy these moments.

Rome is history, culture and art. As Stendhal has been blown away by her beauty, you can also experience the same emotions and want to visit her again and again. 

  • Colle Palatino 3,5 km

  • Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere 3,6 km

  • Colosseo 3,7 km

  • Fori Imperiali 3,8 km

  • Domus Aurea 3,9 km

  • Largo di Torre Argentina 4,1 km

  • Palazzo Venezia  4,2 km

  • Piazza Venezia  4,2 km

  • Campo de' Fiori 4,2 km

  • Piazza Navona 4,6 km


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